A Kansas City Tradition

50 years ago today something wonderful happened, I graced the world with my birth!  A little over a year later around Christmas of 1963 came another wonderful event, the Plaza III Steakhouse opened.  I decided that I wanted to go here with my youngest son to celebrate this milestone in my life.  Plaza III and I have both taken about 50 trips around the sun and in that half century so much has changed, but not much has changed at Plaza III.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing.  It’s nice to have constants in this ever-changing world.  I know that’s cliché, but here’s another one for you, Plaza III is a tranquil pool of calm in this hectic world.  Those two clichés pretty much sum up Plaza III for me.

The first time that I dined here was around Christmas of 1979.  My chorus teacher brought our high school madrigal group here for dinner.  It was truly a magical evening, all the hustle and bustle of people milling about the Country Club Plaza which was illuminated with its thousands of holiday lights.  Since then, I’ve returned many times for special occasions.  It feels good to sit in the main dinning room, which really hasn’t changed much since my first time there.  All of the memories of all of the milestone events in my life flood back into my mind; its nice to relive them with my son and share the stories of my life, while creating new memories for us both.  We weren’t the only ones, there were several tables where we overheard patrons telling their waiter that they were there to celebrate birthdays or milestone anniversaries.  This is the place that many Kansas Citians come to celebrate their life events with family and friends.    

After you’ve been around awhile you begin to develop a reputation for yourself.  Reputations are generally deserved, as a restaurant, you don’t stay around for half a century if your food or service are terrible.   Although I wouldn’t say that this is the absolute best steakhouse in Kansas City, it is a constant, it is consistent and it is comfortable, which is why it is one of the best steakhouses in Kansas City.

Relish Bowl

KC Strip

For those of you who haven’t been here, they start you off with a veggie assortment of carrots, celery, radishes and green onion, iced in a metal bowl.  They also bring out a portion of sour dough bread.  I ordered what I always have ever since that first visit; A cup of Steak Soup for starters, followed by a KC Strip with a baked potato for a side.  This time I added asparagus as well. 

Shrimp & Tenderloin Brochette

Triple Chocolate Cake

My son ordered a cup of Steak Soup as well and the Teriyaki Jumbo Shrimp and Tenderloin Brochette.  The shrimp were not jumbo by any stretch of the imagination.  However he enjoyed the flavor of both the shrimp and the tenderloin.  For dessert, we shared the Tripple Chocolate Cake, his choise, not mine and a couple of cups of coffee.  I thought the cake was dry, but that often happens with chocolate cake.  He liked it.  The coffee was terrible, there is simply no other way to describe it.

I consider this one of KC’s better restaurants for the reasons I’ve already stated, and would feel comfortable recommending it to others.

Plaza III
4749 Pennsylvania
Kansas City, Missouri  64112
Phone:  (816) 753-0000
Website:  http://www.plazaiiikcsteakhouse.com/index.htm
Reservations:  http://www.plazaiiikcsteakhouse.com/Reservations.htm

Plaza III Steakhouse on Urbanspoon


  1. Happy Birthday 🙂

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