Prairie Village’s Best Sports Bar

Flat screen televisions everywhere.  Seriously, you can’t help but see one no matter where you look.  The ones that push it way over the top are the small ones mounted to the wall inside every booth. 

So, big deal, a sports bar with televisions.   I guess it’s not that novel, but Johnny’s Tavern serves up some really great pub food as well.   Although Johnny’s is noted for its burgers, my favorite entre item is the French Dip.  My Dad and best friend love their version of fish and chips.  They look just like little fried Chish triangles to me, but what ever.  Wait, what’s “chish” you ask?  It’s those little squares that they used to serve you in grade school that could be either chicken or fish.  You couldn’t really tell what it was until you took a bite of it, and sometimes not even then.

Oh well, this location has been recently remodeled, as has most of Corinth Square.  It’s a little bigger now.  They have an atrium on the entrance side, just off the bar.  The atrium really opens the place up and makes it brighter inside.  They still have the small patio on the backside that faces 83rd and Mission Road, but that is mainly populated by smokers, (darn them).

This is a great place to go with my son, friends or father, eat great pub food, watch a game and catch up on life.

Johnny’s Tavern
8262 Mission Road
Prairie Village, Kansas
Phone:  (913) 901-0322

Johnny's Tavern on Urbanspoon

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