Lidia’s Italy – Kansas City

Lidia’s is one of my favorite places to eat in Kansas City.  It has everything you want in a restaurant, great food, great atmosphere and great service.  Even though I’d been to Lidia’s several times, I’d never brought my son who’d been begging me for years to take him here.  It was fun to see Lidia’s again for the first time through his eyes. 

He loved the wisteria covered trellis that you walk under before entering; it sets the mood for what’s to come.  The dining room is so inviting and cozy, it sets the mood to sit and talk about life’s events and about hopes and aspirations.  He thoroughly enjoyed the miniature bread sticks, and the pesto we spread across the house made bread. 

For an appetizer we started with Lobster Risotto Balls.  You receive 5 golf ball sized balls sitting in a Corn Puree with a drizzling of Basil Oil.  These are very good, and loaded full of lobster.  There is more lobster than risotto in these and even though they are fried, the crust is very thin and is not even slightly oily.  Nate loved the corn puree so much that he took a piece of bread and scooped up the puree with it, as a farm hand might with remaining gravy on his plate.  I joked with Nate that the kitchen would probably pour some in a glass so that he could drink it, he seemed excited by this idea but I quickly kyboshed it.

We both decided on the daily pasta trio.  Today’s pastas were corkscrew pasta in a simple, light, red sauce with tiny chunks of sweet sausage in it.  (This was Nate’s favorite).  A fettuccine with pesto and very tiny shrimp; the shrimp were cooked perfectly, they weren’t tough or chewy.  This should be a given, but most restaurants don’t seem to be able to pull it off.  Lidia’s did.  The third pasta was four cheese ravioli in a light cream sauce.  Each of these three pastas were delicious. 

We finished our meal with a chocolate torte that we shared.  It consisted of a moist chocolate cake covered with chocolate mousse, topped with a layer of white chocolate ganache and plated with a few dark cherries and black walnuts.  We both enjoyed it with with a cup of very good coffee. 

We had such a wonderful evening and Nate made me promise to bring him back here soon, which I will, because I like it here too.  He also informed me that he is taking his date here before his upcoming Homecoming Dance.  Good for him, (and for her). 

Lidia’s Kansas City
101 West 22nd Street
Kansas City, MO 64108
Phone: (816) 221-3722

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