The Westside Local

Last week the Westside Local announced 4 new menu items for Autumn. 

1.  Chipotle Glazed Salmon
2.  Crispy Pork Belly
3.  Grilled Portobello Mushroom 
4.  Autumn Quinoa

All four sounded great to me, so I couldn’t wait to get there and try them.  On this trip, I took my son and met a friend.  We started off with a Goat Chorizo and queso fresco flat bread, the goat chorizo had been made by Local Pig.  This was the perfect pick to start off the evening; we all really enjoyed it, the chorizo was just spicy enough and was balanced out nicely by the queso fresco.  I don’t think that this is a regular menu item, but I wish it were.  I definitely want to have this again.

 I decided to have the Autumn Quinoa, sweet onions, brussels sprouts, diced sweet potatoes, roasted cranberries, sautéed kale greens, port reduction, rosemary goat cheese and pecans.  Oh my gosh this was good, all of these ingredients really blended nicely together.  It was such a large portion that I couldn’t even eat it all.

My friend had the Chipotle Glazed Salmon, which is served with mushroom wild rice and an arugala-walnut pesto.  All of us agreed that the chipotle glaze really made this dish and was nicely complemented by the arugala-walnut pesto, both really nice toppings to the sushi grade salmon.

I wanted my son to try either the Crispy Pork Belly or theGrilled Portobello Mushroom Sandwich, after all, we were here to sample the new menu items.  But he ordered the Macaroni and Cheese with sweet potatoes and bacon.  The pasta was very large rotini and it wasn’t very creamy and turned out a little dry.  He disliked the presentation, he thought it looked like it had been spooned into the bowl and reheated. He didn’t like it and managed to eat only about 6 bites.  In his defense, he has sampled mac & cheese from many establishments and he was expecting it to be more like the mac & cheese from Bin Wine Cafe in Wicker Park (Chicago).  Oh well, c’est la vie.

For dessert we each ordered a cup of Rosterie blend coffee (I love that they use local suppliers) and shared a Chocolate, Double Espresso Pot de Creme served in a small ramekin with a dolop of fresh whipped cream on top.  We were each given a demitasse spoon to eat this with.  You could taste the graininess of the ground-up coffee beans in the rich mousse-like chocolate.  I have to have this again.  It was great and we all loved it.  It was a perfect way to end the evening together.

I’ll be back again soon to try the two remaining new menu items.  Maybe I’ll see you there.

The Westside Local
1663 Summit Street
Kansas City, MO 64108
Phone:  (816) 997-9089

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