I was quoted on the front page of the KC Star!

Monday, I was quoted about Real Estate in Kansas City on the front page of our local paper, the Kansas City Star.  It was nice to be recognized as one of the area’s real estate experts.  I received several calls wanting my help from people who read the article.  You can read the article written by Diane Stafford here.

Top Suburbs in Metro Area

Coldwell Banker Real Estate has listed the top ten suburbs of American cities and the top five in each state.  All of the Kansas suburbs listed were in the Kansas City metropolitan area.

They are (in order):
  1. Mission Hills
  2. Leawood
  3. Prairie Village
  4. Westwood
  5. Fairway
    Read the entire KC Business Journal article

Andy Williams – Dead at 84

Legendary crooner Andy Williams died last night at his home in Branson, MO after a year-long battle with bladder cancer. 

We’ve lost a lot of performers that I grew up with this year.  It’s sad.  I liked Andy Williams.  He had a show in Branson.  His Christmas show being the most popular.  It will be sad not being able to see it this year.

You can read more about Andy Williams here in an AP article.

OK, So the rumors were true. Now What?

So it’s true, the new iPhone 5 is here, loaded with new features.  If you’re like me you are going to want to upgrade from your old iPhone.  So, what should a socially responsible person do with their old iPhone?  BARBARA ORTUTAY, AP’s technology reporter has 11 ideas.  I particularly like four of them.

  • Use it as a teeny-tiny iPad

As long as you have a Wi-Fi connection you’ll be able to send email and search the web. You can still listen to music and watch videos that you have downloaded.  The camera will still work as will all of your games.  

  • Donate it to charity

Several charities will accept old cell phones as donations.  I like donating to charities. It helps out those in need and it gives me a break on my taxes.  It’s a win-win. 

  • Stream music

Put your old iPhone in a speaker dock and you have a stereo that plays your favorite music.  My son has a speaker dock and we use it at home, we also hook his iPhone up in the car and listen to his tunes while we’re driving.  Now we can just leave it in the car.

  • Recycle with Apple

Apple has its own recycling program and will give you an Apple gift card if it determines your old iPhone has a monetary value, if it doesn’t, they’ll accept it anyway and recycle it for you so that it doesn’t end up in a landfill.

ORTUTAY has seven other suggestions that  you can read about here.


DC-3 taking off from the Roasterie’s HQ

As I was driving North on 35  into downtown this morning I saw the strangest sight, a 1943 era DC-3 turbo-prop plane being suspended from a very large crane.  I thought it must be for the Roasterie’s headquarters at 1204 W. 27th St.  It looks pretty cool from the highway, it’s going to be yet another iconic image to add to the Kansas City skyline.   

Read more about it from the Kansas City Star here, and from the Kansas City Business Journal here,

The Rumors Are Flying!

The Rumors Are Flying!

Apple is making one of its famous announcements on Wednesday, September 12th.  Techies are clogging up the internet with rumors of an iPhone 5.  I hope they are right this time; I’m a huge fan of the iPhone.

Michael Clark Duncan Dies

Michael Clark Duncan Dies

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